4 Tips for Stucco Application Techniques

a person spreading stucco on a wall
  • 8-40 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 100-2,000

Stucco application can be undertaken by any individual, even if they do not have a great deal of experience in do it yourself projects. It can be used as part of a range of different projects, but mainly for resurfacing and as a filler. Implementing some tips during the application process will ensure that your technique is correct.

1 – Mixing

You will find that you will often be required to mix the mortar yourself before the stucco application can begin. It will need to be combined with water to create the substance at the desired consistency. Make sure that you only mix a quantity that you will be able to use within around ninety minutes as it can quickly dry out.

The period should be reduced in hot conditions. Any stucco that has become dry cannot be reused and must be discarded. Although it should be thoroughly mixed, it is important not to over-mix it as this can cause it to set. Accordingly, mix it by hand for no longer than fifteen minutes. Make sure that the instructions are closely followed.

2 – Temperature

An important factor to consider in the stucco application process is the temperature of the atmosphere. It must be taken into account both during the mixing and application processes. When stucco is required outside, do not apply it during periods of cold where the temperature falls below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Check the weather reports to ensure that there will not be any frost while the stucco dries as this will ruin it. In the event that the weather is exceptionally hot, the process of stucco application will involve keeping it damp for up to three days. Allowing it to dry to quickly will cause it to crack.

3 – Color

If you want to add some color to the stucco, this can be done during the mixing process. Cement dye can be mixed in with the stucco to change the color. For large jobs, you must make a note of the quantity of dye used to ensure the shade will be the same for any future batches.

4 – Application

Stucco application should take place as soon as it has been mixed, which can be completed with a trowel. Gather the substance onto the trowel and apply it to the entire surface in a layer of approximately half an inch thick. This will often be easier to undertake if you start at the highest point and gradually work your way down.

Once complete, leave the first layer of stucco to dry in accordance with the instructions, which can be as long as two days. Clean the trowel after this. If you want to add texture, this can be done by scratching it with the end of the trowel to a depth of approximately one-eighth of an inch. The second layer of stucco can then be applied at a thickness of 1/4 inch. Texture can be added to this layer in the form of a design that suits the property. In the days that follow, the stucco should be lightly sprayed with water to create the best appearance.