4 Tips for Suction Car Dent Removal

Car dent removal is usually something that a qualified auto body expert should undertake. However, some dents can be removed without the need for professional assistance and the expense involved. Removing the dent from your vehicle largely depends on how the dent occurred, where it is placed and whether further damage has been caused.

Tip 1 – Plunger

There is an old wive's tale that states you can remove a car dent using a toilet plunger. This is partly true but you need to have the right amount of suction on the plunger to pull the dent out.

Tip 2 – Creases

Suction may not work as effectively if the dent has caused a crease in the metal of the body work. In order to best apply suction, the dent has to be flexible enough and neat enough to respond to the suction technique to pull the dent out.

Tip 3 – Roof Dents

Suction can have a positive impact on roof dents if they are simply pressed in without being damaged. Suction can be used to pull the roof dent out and prevent it from dipping back in again.

Tip 4 – Doors and Hood

Suction will usually suffice well on larger areas like doors and hoods. With new items on the market, such as paintless dent repair kits and magnetized suction to help with more difficult procedures.