4 Tips for Using a Graffiti Remover

A graffiti remover can vary depending on the type of surface that you are working on. Removing graffiti can be a difficult and frustrating task, especially considering the person removing the graffiti is rarely the person that put it there to begin with. However, if you know the right type of tools that are necessary you will find that removing graffiti is a task that can quickly and easily be done in no time.


Brick is a very common area to find graffiti. Typically, graffiti is commonly seen in downtown areas and brick buildings are often in downtown places. Whenever brick needs to be stripped clean of graffiti, a pressure washer is always the best method. Something that you should consider whenever you are using a pressure washer to remove graffiti off of brick is that a low pressure is recommended. Look for something that is lower than 700 psi. Also look for a pressure washer that has a wide spray. If the spray is too narrow, then you will find that etches will be left on the surface. You will also be able to use a pressure washer on wood, but it is even more sensitive and will need an extra wide spray with an extra low psi.


If you wish to sandblast a surface, then this is something that you should do only if you have experience. Someone that is not experienced with sandblasting can cause damage to the overall structure of the building that they are working on. However, if you are using a sandblaster, a good tip to remember is to keep the tip of the sandblaster moving over the paint as well as the surrounding areas. This will be done so that you can blend them properly. If you wish to use this on brick, the brick needs to be a harder brick. You should also consider a baking soda water blaster as it is a newer method of graffiti removal.


When you are working with wood, you will find that chemicals can usually do the trick. If the wood that you are working with is not weathered and is sealed, then you will be able to use a simple mineral spirit to get rid of the graffiti. However, if the wood is older and somewhat weathered, then the mineral spirit will have the opposite effect. If you are working with glass or metal surfaces, then you will need to use paint thinner. Look for oil that is light and penetrating to be used to get rid of graffiti on plastic.


If you happen to have graffiti on glass, then you will be able to use a razor blade to scrape off the paint. You will need to hold the blade at a 30 degree angle as you scrape. This is something that should completely get rid of the paint as you chip it away. If a razor blade is not something that you wish to use, then look to bronze wool that is ultra fine along with a bucket of water.