4 Tips on Choosing High Performance Chips

High performance chips aren’t as glamorous as adding a racing stripe to your car, but they should be. By boosting the performance of your car and adding to the fun of driving, performance chips make driving fun again—no matter what kind of car you own.

Tip 1: Learn What Performance Chips Are

Performance chips are the electrical bits inside of your car which alter the car’s performance. You can install some of these chips in moments, while others can be manipulated whenever you want to try something new. If you race your car or want more speed, using performance chips will help you get more from your vehicle, without having to do extensive repairs. Hidden under the hood, high performance chips create noticeable changes in your car.

Tip 2: Learn about Control Modules

Control modules are simple high performance chips to install, taking only fifteen minutes in some cases. These chips will plug directly into your car’s electrical system. Like a middle man, the control module will read information from sensors around your car, but it will read this information before the main car computer receives it. In doing so, it can analyze the data and make changes which will alter performance. Some of the changes it can make include ignition timing and air versus fuel ratio. And since this module is installed and does not need to be adjusted, it’s a high performance chip for everyday car owners.

Tip 3: Learn about Power Programmers

Power programmers will plug into an outlet under your dash, rather than directly into your car’s computer system. You will then be asked some questions and your answers will determine the changes this high performance chip will make. Some of the adjustments a power programmer will make include tuning your fuel for regular octane usage instead of premium. Ten minutes is all it takes to set up this performance chip and no special tools are necessary.

Tip 4: Learn about Energy Management Systems

When you need more control over your computer’s electrical system, an energy management system can be used to replace it. A far more extensive adjustment, this high performance chip is going to let you call all of the shots when it comes to your vehicle. Designed for those with a high knowledge base, the energy management system can plug into a laptop to monitor changes and view performance. Like the control module, the EMS uses information from the sensors to maximize your car’s performance. Street races use the energy management systems to control nitrous output as well as fuel injection for top speeds. If you aren’t completely up to speed on your car’s inner workings, this might not be the best fit for your needs.

No matter your reason for high performance chips, know that you have to learn what each chip can do before you can purchase one for your car. This way, you can get the results you want for the time and energy you want to spend. The performance results are impressive, no matter what you choose.