4 Tips to Remember When Mixing Wood Filler with Paint

Using a wood filler is a great way to repair rotten or damaged wood, without buying a new piece of wood. But using them can be tricky and tough for first time users. Lets take a look at the list here have a few tips to keep in mind when using both together.

Tip 1: Follow Wood Filler Instructions

Depending on the type of wood filler that you will use, you should follow their instructions all the way. Each one will work a bit differently, but they should all about in the end do the job, which is to fill the cracks in. You should be able to buy some at local hardware stores and even online, their prices will vary due to brands and where they are sold. If you have a small project, one smaller tub of it should do the job.

Some are clay like, while others work like paint or a wood stain. You should always allow them to dry and settle in the wood for at least 24 hours before you pain or stain them. They will need to do the job, before they can look the way you want them too.

Tip 2: Bigger Job=Bigger Demand of Wood Filler

If you will be using liquid-based filler, go ahead and pour some into the paint. It will not only save you time, but stretch both out and give you more than enough paint/filler for the job. It will not harm the wood or paint, and you may find it even easier than to use one before the other.

However, if it is the clay/glue kind, you will not be able to really mix it together. So take note of which filler you will buy or use. Some types will work better for some types of wood, while others will better for other types. You may want to read about them and compare before you buy them and actually mix them together.

Tip 3: Allow to Dry for at Least 24 Hours

This step goes for both of those who do the process in two steps or the all in one; you will need to allow it to dry all the way. 24 hours should be the least amount of time given and the ideal would be about 48 hours. This will allow it to dry, harden and settle well. If you disturb it, it may come out looking worse than what it was prior to using a wood filler.

Tip 4: Sand It Down

You do not want the wood to look uneven; you will need to file it down. This can be done before you paint or even after. But it should only be performed if needed and after it has dried 100%. You may have to do this one or two times to get it filed down enough for your liking.


Different brands of wood filler will work differently with paint. The bottom line should be that you will need to take the time out, so you can do the job right. Always remember to follow their instructions first and the paints instructions second.