4 Tips When Measuring for Toilet Installation

The goal of measuring for toilet installation is to avoid placing the toilet in a space that is already crammed with a bathtub and vanity. Doubtlessly, you have entered a bathroom where the seat has been installed in a corner that seems too small even for a small person to fit. It is prevented from happening with standard codes for building. You need enough spaces on every side, not only to be able to sit in it properly, but also to reach the plumbing.

Choosing the Right Seat

Decide which size toilet you will install before you make your measurements. The standard size is bigger than older models, but you can still get a toilet with old dimensions by custom ordering it. These old units are now called cottage toilets, and they are perfect for houses with small comfort rooms. If your toilet space is very tight, try using a high tank toilet instead.

Proper Measurement

To take a proper measurement for your toilet seat, go from 1 side wall to another in order to allow enough elbow room. If you are in a room with an angled corner, ensure that the fattest portion of the seat is located within 30 inches of the space. This measurement should be followed even if it means the tank area will be tight.

When you are measuring the area for the front portion of the toilet, bear in mind that the code mandates it to be at least 24-inches. If your space is very limited, make sure that your toilet is not elongated. An elongated toilet would measure 17-inches instead of the standard 15-inches.

Replacing an Old Toilet

If you will be installing a new toilet in place for an old unit, take your measurement by going from the center mounting bolt at the back to the toilet back. Take note of this measurement and compare it with the measurement for the new toilet. If your measurement is smaller or equal to the old unit, you will not have a problem with the already existing drain pipe as the new seat would fit right in.

Toilet for Young Children

If you have kids around the house, you can install a shorter toilet instead. This type of bowl measures 14-inches to the top of the toilet. Take your toilet height measurement by going from the base of the toilet seat to the topmost part of the seat. On the other hand, older people that already suffer from weak knees will need a higher seat, which measures 17-inches.

for non-standard measurements to ensure a good fit. If you have floor joists, you can accommodate them with a specially sized toilet.

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