4 Tools Needed for Shower Valve Repair

A shower.

If you want to perform a shower valve repair to stop a leak, you will need to have the right tools in order to do the job. In most cases, you can repair a leaky shower valve with a few basic tools. Here is a list of the tools you need and what they are used for.

1. Screwdrivers

When you start the job, you will need to remove the valve cap or handle. The screwdrivers will be needed to remove the plastic screw covering and the screw itself. You will need a flat-head and Phillips-head screwdriver. The screwdriver will be used to remove the escutcheon ring as well.

2. Deep Well Socket

Once you have removed the escutcheon ring, you will need a deep well socket. In most cases, the stem size on the valve is 31/32 or 29/32. A socket made for shower valve stem removal usually comes with both sizes. However, a regular deep well socket will work as well.

3. Adjustable Wrench or Channel Lock Pliers

If you are using a shower valve stem removal socket, you will need an adjustable wrench or a pair of channel lock pliers to twist the socket. This will allow you to break the seal or grip on the valve stem and remove it.

4. Teflon Tape or Pipe Dope

You will also need some Teflon tape or pipe joint compound to repair the leak. You will need to apply the tape or compound when installing the new valve stem.