4 Tools That Can See Through Walls

person using phone scanner to see pipe behind wall

Ever wished you could see through walls? Doing so would make a lot of DIY projects a heck of a lot easier, right? Well, high-tech gadgets are making the prospect of seeing through walls a reality, which is not only helpful but also really cool.

1. Walabot DIY Stud Finder

app and device for detecting studs in walls

Hanging pictures, mounting televisions, and many other DIY projects demand the need for a stud finder. If you’re a homeowner, the chances are that you’ve used a run-of-the-mill stud finder many times before. While this can be a cumbersome process, the Walabot DIY Stud Finder has made it a much more simplified process - and a cool one at that. This innovative gadget allows you to see through walls, giving insight into where electrical wires, pipes, studs, and all other inner workings of your walls lie.

The Walabot even has different modes to make it even simpler to gather the information you need as you complete your DIY project. First, “Pan Mode” provides a panoramic view, allowing you to map a large area. This displays inner features in a color-coded manner for easy reading. It also saves images of your walls for future use, diminishing the need to do the scan time and time again as more projects arise.

“Images Mode” is the next feature. This model provides a clearer view, complete with a graphic representation of each item found within your walls. These images could depict things like a wooden stud, metal studs, pipes, or wires. This is the mode you’d use to detect pests like mice or termites.

Finally, “Expert Mode” is used to display images of raw signals. This adjusts the viewing intensity of the image, allowing you to zero in on the center of a stud or even trace wiring and pipes. This makes it easier to avoid hitting these items when cutting or drilling, which is very useful.

2. General Tools DCiS1 Borescope

handheld video feed device

Another interesting gadget that lets you see through walls is the DCiS1 Borescope by General Tools. This device uses wifi to create a live video feed that plays directly on your smartphone or tablet. The 35-inch probe attaches to the inspection camera to allow you into tight spaces, especially given the fact that the probe is super thin—less than an inch in diameter. This flexibility allows you to get into hard-to-reach areas, such as into walls to reveal what’s going on where you can’t see.

The Borescope camera delivers a stellar picture with VGA resolution and boasts different buttons, allowing users to capture live videos or take pictures with the snapshot button. The video and photo files save directly to your smartphone for easy reference. Easily charge the device with the provided USB cable. You can use this tool to assist with wall wiring projects, plumbing projects, and countless other DIY endeavors.

3. Seek Thermal Compact - All-Purpose Thermal Imaging Camera

thermal imaging camera on phone

Enhance your smartphone with a thermal camera attachment that provides you with X-ray vision. This device plugs directly into your smartphone or tablet and boasts a thermal sensor. This camera is perfect for allowing you to find and fix issues faster within your walls, such as the culprits behind energy loss, electrical or mechanical failures, water damage, wire issues, and more.

This device has a staggering 1,000-foot detection distance, includes a waterproof case, and doesn’t require batteries or charging. The Seek camera integrates seamlessly with an app, captures photos and videos alike, and has a wide range of nine color palettes in its display. This is a straightforward tool that allows you to see through walls and to identify and, thus, fix home issues easier than ever before.

4. DEWALT Laser Detector

DeWalt laser detector device

A simpler tool that can, in a sense, see through walls is the DEWALT Laser Detector. This device has a 165-inch working range and is able to detect laser beams both indoors and out. Complete with an audible signal, volume control automatic shutoff, top mounted magnets, and a heavy duty quick release clamp, this is a must-have in your toolbox.

As technological innovations come about, DIY projects become more straightforward and precise. Move forward with confidence as you know what’s behind your walls during your next project.

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