4 Types of Brick Facing

Brick building with white window
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Brick facing is an alternative to redecorating the exterior of your home without the grandiose charges that come with exterior refurbishments. With brick facings, you can turn a tired old shingle home into an instant brick palace at a fraction of the cost of remodeling the outside of your home. Brick facings are a cheaper and equally effective way of changing the face of your house and adding a chic-looking style to make it stand out.

1. Brick Veneer

Brick veneer can be used internally as well as on the exterior of your home. The bricks are a fraction in thickness to full house bricks. They adhere to the wall where they're set into the cement used and give the look of an actual brick wall. The difference is that the weight of the veneer is far less and you still get the full effect of a brick wall without the expense.

2. Flexi-Bricks

brick wall and bucket of mortar

Flexi bricks are a minutely thinned-down version of what appears to be a sand-textured brick. The difference with Flexi bricks is that they are flexible enough and self-adhesive so you can paint an entire wall, room, or home exterior with textured paint and set the adhesive Flexi bricks into place. The result is a brick appearance that is lightweight and safe for interior use and durable for outside use. Flexi bricks can also be used on exterior mailbox posts and small concrete walls. They dress up the wall and take away the dull appearance of paint or concrete.

3. Thin Facings

Thin facings are a similar product to veneer, but they are also equipped with ninety-degree corner turns for chimney stacks and wall ends. The ninety-degree corners set the bricks around the edge of the stack or house and sit the smaller end to look like the short of natural brick, giving the appearance of a hole brick wall. Chimney stacks can benefit greatly from the use of thin facings because they are not normally built to take the weight of bricks unless they are initially brick-built. Cement and concrete houses that appear gray and dank-looking can have the thin facing effect to give them a more 3D appearance.


interlocking bricks

The SURETOUCH system is a kind of interlocking system which begins with a framework of indented panels. The bricks are placed into the molded panels and appear as tiles that have not yet been grouted. The entire framework is then hidden behind the bricks when the mortar is placed in the gaps. The finished article is a speedy installation process and looks exactly like bricks or stones. It can be purchased in a variety of styles and colors. The cladding system also offers an R rating of 13.5 for excellent and durable insulation.