4 Types of Clawfoot Tub Enclosures

clawfoot tub

A clawfoot tub enclosure can add old fashioned charm to your bathroom. Not only does a tub enclosure improve the appearance of your bathroom by giving it a spa-like feeling, but it also keeps the bathroom dry and usable all year round. A wide range of clawfoot tub enclosures are available to suit the needs of your bathroom and its décor, but here are a few you should consider before making a purchase.

Tub Wall Mounted

Depending on the size and shape of your clawfoot tub, you may choose to purchase a wall mounted enclosure, which attaches easily to the bathroom wall by a plumber. This type of clawfoot tub enclosure is readily available in a variety of colors and designs. Most of these enclosure sets contain diverter faucets, lever handles, riser pipes, shower heads, wall and ceiling supports, and all the other hardware you may need to attach the unit to your tub. Other sets also include shower curtain frames for your tub; however, these sets require you to buy supplies and drains separately. Good companies offer a warranty for the clawfoot tub enclosure to guarantee durability.

Deck/Rim Mounted

This type of clawfoot tub enclosure differs from the first because it attaches to the top of the tub instead of the wall. An obvious advantage of deck mounted tub enclosures is that they do not require construction or plumbing. Depending upon the size and shape of your tub, you may choose an enclosure that can be mounted easily on the tub. Enclosure sets of this kind typically include tub faucets with a riser connection, frame sets with supports, riser sets, and a showerhead.

Free Standing Enclosure

As the name suggests, this type of clawfoot tub enclosure requires zero installation and can be placed freely in your bathroom just inches away from your tub. Free-standing enclosures also provide the advantage of shifting enclosures between bathrooms. These enclosures are available in materials such as chrome, nickel, and brass. They often come with warranties. These enclosure sets usually contains the same things as those above and may also have temperature stop and anti-syphon valves.

Showerless Tub Enclosure

This kind differs in that it does not include a shower head, just a faucet. If you have a shower installed in your bathroom separately and don't need a shower attached to your tub, you can fill the tub through the main tap that comes with the enclosure.