4 Types of Flat Roof Coatings

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  • 6-8 hours
  • Beginner
  • 25-250

Flat roof coatings come in a variety of different types today. Improvements are being made continually so people no longer have to use the tar of olden days that produced toxic fumes. The ability to waterproof a flat roof is becoming easier as more products appear on the market. Rubber or PVC based, along with cold liquid applications are among the diverse variety of products one can use. Ultimately, the type you choose for your flat roof will depend on the existing condition and present application already on the roof you are about to repair. Whichever type of flat roof coating you decide to use, you will still have to prepare the roof in order to make the product adhere properly.

1: Chlorosulfonated Polyethylene

This product is supplied by more than one manufacturer and is made of synthetic rubber. One of its main advantages is that joints in the roofing can be heated to join into one sheet. It can be made to fasten to the roof with a simple adhesive which is solvent-based. This flat roof coating is sometimes called Hypalon.


This product is single-ply which makes it simple and easy to apply. Made of synthetic rubber, the ability to add a vapor barrier has overcome a problem that used to occur with this type of coating.

Joints are made with the tape that comes as part of the roll and is attached to the factory at one side. This is a vast improvement and saves considerable time. This roofing is a long-lasting solution to your flat roof coating, as it will last up to 50 years. Application to the roof is simple, as you merely have to apply a primer and allow it to dry for a few minutes and then roll out the film and make the tapes stick in the right places. The current fleece-backed product has reduced shrinkage and is considerably stronger than the previous product.

3: The Use of Cold Liquid Applications

A cold-liquid application consists of a simple procedure of applying various products in a series to the existing roofing structure. The products have a fast curing time and can be applied at any time of the year provided the roof is free of snow. It is compatible with virtually all roofing products and comes with a 20-year warranty in most cases. It is resistant to extreme weather. This appears to be an extremely good solution to your roof problem.

4: IB Roof System

This product is a single-ply PVC flat roof coating. There are several other makers of a similar sort which all offer guarantees of differing lifespan.

These products are fairly new on the market and time will tell their results, although they appear to be taking over the market from EPDM flat roof coating. The PVC membrane formula appears to be better quality because of the formulation used, but the unknown quantity is the effect of long time UV rays on the plastic in the coating.