4 Types of Hot Tub Covers

There are several different types of hot tub covers available for hot tub owners. They can come in different thicknesses, hardnesses, and colors to match your decor, or your personal needs.

1. Soft, Rolling Cover
One of the easiest to use, the soft, rolling cover can be easily stored when not in use and replaced when needed. Made of vinyl, thin foam, and a plastic vapor barrier, these covers are best used with hot tubs that are inside, or are used often.

2. Double Hinge Cover

Also called a tonneau cover, this hard shell cover is perfect for outdoor hot tubs. They are heavier and a little harder to maneuver than a soft cover, but provide the utmost in protection. They are hinged in the middle to allow for access to either side without having to completely remove the cover for a single user.

3. Solar Cover

A solar hot tub cover will keep your hot tub warm while still keeping your energy bills lower. While not generally thought of as a protection type cover, they will keep the water clean and hot.

4. Seasonal Cover
If your hot tub is outside for the winter, then you can have a cover that goes over the entire hot tub instead of just the top. This will take the load of snow, and keep the freeze and thaw process off the hot tub cover preserving the life of it for more years.