4 Types of Lawn Edgers Explained

Lawn edgers are basically a type of a lawn care tool that is used so that you will be able to separate your lawn from any paved surface. You will be able to do this neatly and easily with this type of tool. You can separate your lawn from things such as a walkway, asphalt path, concrete sidewalk etc. It is important to understand all of the different types of lawn edgers so that you will be able to know which one will be able to work best for you and your lawn.

Electric and Gas Powered

Lawn edgers can either be gas or electric powered. They will provide you with an economical way to cut up the trenches that grow along the driveways and sidewalks of your home. These particular edgers will cut along flowerbeds, lampposts, trees and so on. There is a type of an edger that will whip cut weeds and grass with a nylon line that is monofilament. This is the most popular type of lawn edger that you will be able to find.

Push and String Lawn Edgers

There are push-type lawn edgers that have rubber wheels as well as wide reels that you will be able to use. These types of edgers have blades and can easily be adjusted to fit the size of lawn that you have or the path that you are working on. However, the string lawn edgers do not have blades and cannot be adjusted, they typically do not need to be. There are also no wheels that go along with these edgers either. There is simply a nylon line that is monofilament. It is used as the blade. This string will spin at about 12,000 rpm. With this fast motion, it is able to cut through any type of grass that you may have in the way. However, these line edgers work best whenever there is just a light amount of grass that is in the way. Whenever you need to have a lot of extra lawn that needs to be cut down, then you will need to get one with a blade that has a lot of power.


Safety is something that you should always think about whenever you are working on with a lawn edger. Whenever you are working with the string lawn edgers, you will find that while it does not cut your shoes or your clothing or even its own cord, it will definitely hurt the skin if it were to come into contact with it. It will likely break it and definitely cause welts. This is why it is a good idea to wear long pants and maybe even long sleeves and gloves whenever you are working with this type of edger. However, with a bladed edger, all precautions should be taken, if this type of edger is used improperly it could cause severe damage to you or itself. Always remember to wear protective goggles regardless of the type of edger that you are using. You will find that debris can fly up and hit you in the face and eyes whenever you are working.