4 Types of Palm Trees You can Plant at Home

Everyone dreams of a beach vacation full of breezes through palm trees, but most palm tree types will not grow in more temperate areas. Most types of palm trees simply will not survive when transplanted to colder areas, but if you do live in a warmer area of the country there are some varieties that you can grow at your home. Some will even grow in northern areas.

  • Afghanistan Palm. This type of palm tree is one of the most resistant to cold in the world. It is more appropriate for growing at home if you live in areas that experience winter.
  • Saw Palmetto. This is another type of palm tree that can withstand the cold, as it can grow as far north as Washington D.C. and withstand 10 degree temperatures.
  • Pygmy Date Palm. This is a very common type of plant you can plant at home, as it is small and can be potted easily.
  • European Fan Palm. This palm can be easily transplanted and will also withstand cold temperatures. It can survive well outside and can easily be moved in summer months.