4 Types of Patio Privacy Walls

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A patio privacy wall protects a homeowner from the peering eyes of neighbors and unwanted guests. It can help obstruct the view to certain areas of your patio deck or home as well as increase your home’s security. There are many types of patio privacy walls that are available for homeowners. These options can be found at a home garden and patio store or home improvement center.

1. Elevated Patio Privacy Wall

An elevated privacy wall is one that is built at different elevations. This is done to block certain views into windows and other areas that would be ideal for thieves or nosy individuals. The elevated wall rises at the point where privacy is desired by the homeowner, but fits into the overall design of the patio deck. Such a privacy wall is integrated seamlessly into the patio design and does not detract from the overall look.

2. Fenced in Privacy Wall

An easy way to accomplish privacy for the patio deck is to simply fence it in completely. Such a patio privacy wall simply encloses the entire patio with a locking gate or fence that is high enough to prevent someone from looking in. This is the ultimate privacy wall and provides little opportunity for people on the outside to look in. It also limits the ability of the homeowner to look out onto their property.

3. Top Rail Privacy Wall

A privacy wall that utilizes a top rail helps reduce visibility and increase the homeowner’s privacy. The use of baluster rails on top of the patio fence allows the homeowner to enjoy the benefits of being outside and the added peace of mind that comes with knowing that intruders are kept out. The patio walls can be lower than that of a completely fenced in privacy wall with a set of rails placed on top in order to make it harder for an outsider to look over the fence.

4. Screened in Privacy Wall

A screened patio allows a homeowner the choice of whether to look out or close the sightlines from the patio. A screened patio uses blinds or shades that act as privacy walls when closed. This is a flexible and inexpensive way for a homeowner to add an element of privacy while still being able to open up the patio.