4 Types of Reclaimed Wood Furniture

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Reclaimed wood furniture is made from structures that are no longer in use. Rather than destroy the wood, it is salvaged and utilized in various ways. One of the primary uses for such wood is furniture construction. Reclaimed lumber makes both a unique and attractive choice in furniture. Its popularity is on the rise, especially because it is a more eco-friendly way of wood utilization. Reclaimed wood items cost much more than those made from recent wood. With such furniture you can be sure you have a worthy investment. Some popular household furniture made from the reclamation of wood is given below.

1.  Reclaimed Wood Garden Furniture

With the right assortment of reclaimed wooden outdoor furniture, you can create a lovely country setting for your home. Teak wood is one of the most widely used for outdoor furniture. It has one of the highest resilience ratings amongst hardwoods. Teak can withstand sunlight without adverse effects. It is also rot free and has a high resistance to moisture. This makes it ideal for outdoor furniture. If you prefer a warm and natural look to your outdoor furniture, reclaimed teak is a good choice. Garden and patio furniture items include wooden benches, wagon wheel benches, ox cart benches, gliding chairs, lounging chairs, rocking chairs and stools.

2.  Kitchen Furniture

The kitchen is often referred to as the heart of the home. Reclaimed wooden furnishings can help you achieve that cherished homely atmosphere. When used to furnish the kitchen, reclaimed lumber can create a naturally warm and welcome setting for the family. This will easily draw family members to take meals, grab snacks and relax in a rustic kitchen setting. Reclaimed kitchen wooden furniture includes kitchen tables, cabinets and stools. You can achieve an even more distinct look if you choose to adorn cabinets with antique looking knobs and handles. It also enhances the beauty of your reclaimed kitchen furniture.

3.  Living Room and Dinning Room Furniture

The living room probably contains the widest variety of furniture. This gives you greater choice when it comes to décor. Various species of reclaimed wood are used to produce living room furniture. You could settle for just one wood species or do a combination of two or more. Whatever the case, reclaimed wood living room furniture is sure to transform the interior of your home into an elegant and attractive setting. Reclaimed lumber retains its beauty and unique character, which further enhances indoor décor. Some of the items produced from reclaimed lumber for living and dinning room include, coffee tables, dinning tables, sideboards, lounge chairs, stools, entertainment centers and the hutch.

4.  Bedroom Furniture

If you appreciate the old-world look in interior décor, reclaimed bedroom furniture will help you capture that quaint past century style. Reclaimed wood bedroom furniture creates a warm, natural and cozy ambiance for the bedroom. This is the prefect décor to help you unwind and relax once you retreat into your inner sanctum. Beds, dressers, mirrors, bedside cabinets, chest of drawers and wardrobes are some of the items available in the reclaimed lumber bedroom range.