4 Types of Sawhorses

A sawhorse is an essential tool if you use a saw. You can also use it as a "table" for certain projects, such as sanding and painting doors or shutters.

In fact, a sawhorse is a very basic table structure that supports wood or other objects for cutting or other work. When choosing the right sawhorse, you can choose from several types.


A wooden sawhorse is the most popular design because most people can easily make them at home. The wooden ones are also very reliable and flexible. If you accidentally cut into the sawhorse, you won't damage your saw blade.

You can usually repair and improve them yourself without any help. If one of the legs is wobbly, you can simply replace it. Because the main parts are made of wood, repairing a wooden sawhorse is usually simple.


Metal sawhorses aren't as common but are still quite useful for certain materials. A metal sawhorse will be more difficult to make, which is why they are commonly restricted to industries. These are also normally unsuitable for cutting wood because they would mark the wood. Instead these sawhorses are ideally suited to cutting pieces of metal or some other material which does not mark easily.

The advantages of a metal sawhorse is that it will last. Most will be made from steel, which will rust; however, if you keep them indoors and away from water, they should last for a long time.

Chainsaw Sawhorse

There are also heavier-duty sawhorses, which are designed to hold logs and wood to be cut by a chainsaw. These are available from all of the major chainsaw manufacturers. If you regularly cut up logs for the fire, you really should consider getting yourself a sawhorse to make it safer.

By keeping the wood off the ground and increasing your visibility, you reduce the chances of hitting anything with your saw unintentionally. You also avoid the problem of the saw bouncing off the ground and causing injury. Most of these sawhorses are made out of metal because this is a more durable material, although some are also available in wood.

Lightweight Sawhorse

Most types are designed to be functional, rather than easy to carry around. However, you can find some lightweight sawhorses, which are ideal if you need to carry your tools with you.