4 Types of Shower Water Filters

Making use of shower water filters is an easy way to improve the quality of the water that you use. There are a range of filters on the market and being aware of the qualities of each one will help you to determine which one is best suited to the set up in your home.

1. Tank

There are shower water filters on the market that can be used in a water tank that may be used to supply the shower in your home. This will ensure that any water dispensed from the tank is sufficiently treated to leave it clean at the point of use. These types of filter are easy to use as they can simply be inserted into the water tank and are capable of dealing with everything from hard water deposits to chlorine. They will need to be refilled on a regular basis to ensure that they remain effective. This method provides some added convenience of not needing to install a separate filter for each shower as all those served by the tank will benefit.   

2. Showerhead

Specially made shower heads are available on the market that can be used to replace the existing shower head. These contain all the relevant materials necessary to remove any impurities and clean the water. This is an ideal method to use when you suffer from skin conditions that are eased by the use of pure water. An alternative and cheaper way to use the showerhead to solve the problem is by obtaining a filter that fits within the existing showerhead. These can be made from a range of materials whether natural or manmade to prevent a number of different contaminants. The filters will need to be replaced on a regular basis to remove the particles that have been gathered by the filter.   

3. Magnetic

Magnetic shower water filters are convenient to use as they do not require any energy to make them work. The type of filter can easily be fitted to the pipes that serve the shower to reduce the build up of hard water deposits by changing the way that they react. This helps to condition hard water so that it is made softer and less harsh on the skin. This will also reduce the amount of cleaning that is required as hard water deposits are less likely to build up.   

4. Electronic

Electronic shower water filters are effective at cleaning the water as they can be adjusted as necessary, however, a little more work is required for the installation process. This type of device is fitted to the pipe that supplies the shower and will need to be connected to the electricity supply, which will power it. There are specific regulations that must be complied with when this type of filter is used, to ensure that it is correctly connected and is safe to use. It will be necessary to inspect electronic shower water filters on a regular basis to ensure that it remains safe and working correctly.