4 Types of Water Timers Explained

Irrigation timer
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There are a number of different sorts of water timers which you can use to take control of your garden even when you are not at home to do the watering yourself. Water timers are a great way of looking after your garden, and if you have a busy life, it can keep flowers and vegetables growing even when you don't have time to tend to them yourself. There are so many different types of water timers that it can be a little difficult to choose between them, but it will help you to know which is the best for your type of garden.

1. Digital Water Timer

Most water timers can be divided into two types, the first being the analogue timer and the second being the digital water timer. The digital variety of water timers are gradually becoming more and more available to the general public, as they have proved themselves more reliable and consistent than the regular analogue clock. If you wish to get a digital water timer for your garden, you should be prepared to pay more for your timer, as they are generally 10 or 20 dollars more than the traditional analogue varieties. The digital water timer can be programmed for long periods so you can organize a watering schedule during a period when you are away, or to begin watering during the summer without you having to do anything else to organize the water timer.

2. Analog Water Timer

The analogue water timer has a few advantages over the digital form, particularly in the simplicity of its control. While a digital one may have a number of buttons and settings, the analogue tends to have only one or two buttons. You can usually have one or two dials which allow you to set a morning and evening time, or the duration of your watering time. You will be able to adjust the controls so your garden can be watered between two and four different times a day, ensuring you can get long-term watering for your garden.

3. Rain Water Timers

rainwater collecting in a barrel

You can also find several water timers that can be attached to rain water barrels or other collection points. This can help you save money when watering your garden. Rain water timers are most likely to be digital, as they need to have sensors included which can determine when the water is ready to be used. This can help you to make the garden fit and healthy without having to waste an excessive amount of freshwater.

4. Mains Water Timers

One other version of the electronic water timer is the mains timer, which can be plugged into a mains water supply, and this can be used to trigger watering in the garden. The advantage of this system means you can water your garden around 10 times a day, allowing you to give particular attention to plants that need it the most.