4 Types of Window Valance Styles

You would be surprised to know that there are more than 60 window valance styles available to choose from for your draperies. You can make them yourself, order some that are custom made or purchase ones that are already made online or at local department stores. They are available in just about any fabric, and the size and shape of the valance you choose is up to you. Deciding what the buy will depend on the rooms you want to use them in, as well as how much you want to pay for window treatments.

1 - Box Pleat

One of the simple window valance styles that looks elegant is a box pleat valance. The rod pocket is attached to wide pleats, so that the valance looks like a rectangle. The box pleat styles allow you to use any fabric you want, because of the way it's sewn. The width of the pleats is one inch, which makes finding one that's a right fit for your window easy. A box pleat can work in just about any room, but they look especially elegant in a study, foyer or home office.

2 - Butterfly

If you prefer to add a little dimension to your windows, then you may like the butterfly style. It has two long ends that fall on either side of the window, and the center of the valance is puffed up. You'll understand why it's called a butterfly when you see one, because the valance does look like the shape of a butterfly. It's important to note that if you plan to sew your own, it's much harder to make than the flat box pleat. A butterfly valance is one of those window valance styles that would look great in a living room.

3 - Cameo Valance

The primary feature of a cameo valance is 2 contrasting fabrics: One on top, and another slightly showing underneath. The more visible fabric, the one that sits on top, is made up of patterns or prints, while the other is a solid color to match. Both fabrics are cut to form curves, which makes the bottom of the valance look like waves. Many cameo valances have buttons applied to the high points of each "wave," and the color of the buttons match the solid colored fabric. If you make one, be sure to line both fabrics for durability. One of the best rooms for a cameo valance is the bedroom.

4 - Cambridge Swag

Cambridge swag valances add even more dimension to a room. The bottom of the valance is scalloped, and lined with a cord covered with fabric. It makes the valance look as if it is blowing in the wind. The rod pocket is neatly hidden in the valance and the top is pleated. Most of the fabric is print, but there are some solid colored options as well. They look great in the kitchen, but it can work in any room of your home.

You can choose multiple window valance styles for your home, or stick to one for consistency throughout. If you would like to sew your own, then choose from one of the many patterns available on the Internet.