4 Unnecessary Energy Use Machines

Some household appliances are known for their unnecessary energy use, and when you are looking to improve energy efficiency in your house, buying the right machines can save a lot of money. It is possible that the machines you use currently, even if you use them moderately, have unnecessary parts in them that contribute to their energy use.

1. Dishwashers

What did humans being do before the invention of dishwashers? Well, aside from classing it as woman's work, they washed dishes by hand. Wash all of your dishes at once to prevent energy use through heating water.

2. Clothes Dryers

These are completely unnecessary, and drying your clothes outside, or on an air-dryer will help prevent excessive energy use.

3. Coffee Machines

Coffee machines require a lot of energy use, particularly those that operate on timers, as they have to be left running all night in order to operate in the morning. Do without, and made a cup of coffee by hand.

4. Cookers

For those wanting to live an even greener life, get rid of the oven and hob. These typically use gas or electricity to provide heat, so are responsible for a lot of energy use: instead, turn to fuel-burning stoves that use wood or charcoal.

Microwaves also use a great deal of energy, but cooking is significantly reduced: so using a microwave can actually cut energy use by around two thirds.