4 Uses for a Tenon Saw

A tenon saw is a type of hand saw that uses its stiff edges to keep the saw blade stable while cutting. The edge of the tenon saw can be made from metal or wood. The tenon saw usually has about 13 teeth for every inch of blade. The handle of a tenon saw is called a pistol grip. These handles are available with open or closed grips.

1 - Tenon Saw Cuts

A tenon saw is designed to cut across the grain of the wood being cut. The teeth of the tenon saw blade are rip filed. A rip filed blade allows the saw to be used for cuts made parallel to the grain of the wood.

2 - Mortise and Tenon Joints

A tenon saw is specifically designed to cut mortise and tenon joints. Furniture making projects often require the use of mortise and tenon joints. Tenon joints fit inside their corresponding mortise joints.

3 - Furniture Joints

The tenon saw is also often used to cut tenon shoulders, sliding dovetails, mitre box cuts, and housing joints. The basic styles of these joints are similar but there are a few small differences. The joints can be simple designs or they can be complex constructions. The cuts can be shaped in circles or squares or made into grooves.