4 Uses for Safety Glass

If safety glass has recently piqued your interest, you may be curious about the things for which it is used. If so, it may interest you to know that safety glass has a unique variety of uses. Read on to learn about four of the most common uses for safety glass.

1. Safety Glasses

Safety glasses, the protective eye-wear made from safety glass, play a very prominent role in the safety of construction workers. In addition to being constantly bombarded with all manners of dirt and debris, people who work in this field must also protect their eyes from paint chips and metal shards. In addition, safety glasses are used in various laboratories and research facilities to help protect the eyes of researchers eyes from dangerous chemicals. Safety glasses are also widely used in assorted forms of masonry, as well as automobile assembly plants. Alternatively, safety glasses can be used to protect your eyes when performing various do-it-yourself projects, such as woodworking, painting and auto repair.

2. Windows

Safety glass is widely used to produce windows. In addition to being featured in many homes, safety glass windows are very popular in modern day office buildings, particularly those that are largely composed of glass. Safety glass-based windows can also be found in a number of commercial aircraft. If you've been thinking of installing safety glass windows in your home, keep in mind that they come with a steeper price tag than windows made from traditional forms of glass. However, the added resilience and safety should prove well worth any additional cost. Additionally, these windows are very easy to clean, as they have a greater resistance to smudges and stains that most traditional forms of glass.

3. Doors

Safety glass is also used to produce doors, especially those found in modern day business establishments and office buildings. Safety glass-based doors tend to be more resilient than doors produced from other types of glass and certain forms of wood. In addition, safety glass is fast becoming a popular material with which to produce home patio doors. Also, unlike traditional glass doors, safety glass doors aren't particularly bulky and can be opened and closed with relative ease. As an added bonus, such doors give any home or businesses in which they are featured a very modern, cutting-edge feel.

4. Stairs

As glass stairs are becoming increasingly common fixtures in modern day office buildings, safety glass has proven to be a popular material with which to produce them. Safety glass-based stairs are extremely resilient and help give any building in which they are featured a hip, modern day feel. As is the case with other safety glass-based products, safety glass stairs are fairly expensive, but if properly cared for, they can last indefinitely. Adding to their appeal, safety glass stairs, much like safety glass windows, are very easy to clean as they are not as susceptible to scoffing as other types of glass stairs.