4 Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Kids to Make for Parents

Are you looking for Valentine’s Day gift ideas that you can make for your parents? Or maybe you’re a school teacher who’s thinking of giving her students a Valentine project so that they would have presents to hand over to their moms and dads during this special occasion. Below, you will find some great ideas that you can use for this day of hearts.

Personalized Photo Frame

Photo frames are some of the most common gifts there are. But this tried and tested gift idea can be made more creative if you give it a personalized touch. For this project, you need cardboard, pencil, scissors, glue, ruler, cutter, and decorative elements like glitters, felt strips, foam shapes, colored sand or beads. Of course, you have to find a memorable photo of your parents as well. Measure the photo. Trace the photo on the cardboard with a pencil. Add 1 ½ inch on each side of the rectangle. This will be the outer line. Using the scissors, cut out the outer line, then using a cutter cut the inside lines so that there will be an opening for the photograph. Cut a second piece of cardboard the same shape and size as the whole frame. This will serve as the backboard. Paste the photo on the backboard then put the cut frame on top. Glue it all together. Add a stand on the back of the frame using a strip from the cardboard. The top frame should then be decorated. Apply a thin layer of glue then add in any of the decorative elements that you have.


Another great gift idea would be a scrapbook. Collect pictures of you and your parents. Buy a scrapbook from a bookstore along with scrapbook embellishments like dried leaves, buttons, stickers, lace, ribbons, and so on. Paste the pictures on the scrapbook pages while adding the embellishments along the way. Be sure to add some loving messages on each page of the scrapbook to make it more special.

Bottle of Treasures

Get a clear glass bottle. Fill it up with different treasures like candies, chocolates, shells, beads, and so on. Seal the bottle with a cork. Then tie the top part of the bottle with two to three pieces of ribbons of different color. String beads into the ribbons and tie the end so that the beads won’t slip off. Around the middle part of the bottle, write the greeting 'Happy Valentine’s' using glue. Sprinkle glitters on the glue area. Once dried, tap the bottle lightly to reveal the glittery Valentine greeting.

Handmade Card

Fold a piece of card stock to form a greeting card. Cut out a heart shape from a sponge. Dip the heart-shaped sponge stamp on red water color. Stamp this on the front part of the card stock. Add drawings and designs. Inside the card, write a loving message for your mom and dad.

Valentine’s gifts do not need to be expensive or complicated. Even something as simple as a handmade card, can express your love in a manner that will be appreciated by your parents.