4 Ways to Add Lighting to Your Closet Without Wiring

Wireless closet lighting solutions.

Many modern homes have bright, wired lighting installed in closets that are connected to fancy light switches that are easily accessible. Yet if you own an older home, as many people do, the closets can be lacking in the lighting department, with the exception of a few light fixtures that create just enough light to find the items you're looking for. This lighting works -- it illuminates the space -- but it isn't efficient or pretty. When you can't see inside your closets, it can be awfully difficult to use the spaces to their full potential. Maximize these spaces by maximizing the lighting inside of them, without having to worry about any kind of wiring work. With so many types of lighting available for your closet spaces, you'll have the place brightened up in no time.

Install Wireless Motion Lights

For simple closet lighting that turns off and on automatically when you enter the space, install motion lights, which are available at your local hardware store. These run on batteries, which means the only "installing" is done when mounting the light to the wall. Be sure to install these lights in places where the motion detectors won't be blocked by clothing, shoes, or other stored items. Replace the batteries on a regular basis, as directed on the packaging for optimum use. Many of these lights are LED, which means they use minimal power, give off bright, clear light, and are better for the environment than most other types of lighting.

Use Battery-Operated Lighting

Hardware stores are full of different types of battery-operated lighting. Besides motion lights, there are many types of lighting available that can be mounted or hung up without much hassle at all including lighting strips, puck lights, slim lights, and very fancy decorative battery-operated lights. Browse your local hardware store for the most current trends and available styles. Most lights take AA batteries that have to be replaced every few months, depending on the amount of usage.

Hang up Christmas Lights

Christmas lights are a very pretty and versatile form of lighting. Hang rope lights or Christmas lights in your closet, mounting them along shelves or around doorways. Use an extension cord to connect them to outlet nearest your closet. Plug them in when you need them, and be sure turn them off when you don't -- for safety. Some sets of lights have easy-to-use off and on switches for use indoors. Find rope lights and similar styles of lighting outside of the holiday season at home decoration stores.

Wireless Remote Lighting

For a fancier type of lighting, purchase battery-operated lighting that comes with a wireless remote. These lights can be mounted to a wall, then turned off and on with a wireless remote. Many of these types of lighting boast the fact that the bulbs are LED, never need to be replaced, and that the remotes work from 50 feet away. Use these for larger closets and spaces where a remote would be easier than turning lights off and on manually.