4 Ways to Decorate With Pinecones

A grouping of pinecones on a wood surface.

Now that fall is upon us, it’s time to enjoy the season by decorating our homes. For a simple way to freshen up your space, consider using natural elements like pinecones. These beautiful specimens are responsible for producing seeds and can be found in a variety of shapes and sizes, depending on the area in which you live. Regardless, all types of pinecones are ideal for sprucing up your home for the autumn season. And since they are known to drop from trees by the time fall begins, there's no better time to embrace their beauty. Plus, you can even reuse the pinecones for your winter decorations. Need some inspiration? Read on for easy ways to decorate with pinecones.

1. Vase Fillers

For a project that requires little to no effort, fill a clear glass vase with pinecones. You can use a container that you have on hand or a vintage one from the thrift store. Consider filling up several vases in different shapes and sizes for an eye-catching visual. Don’t limit yourself to vases, though. Bowls, baskets, and clay pots work just as well.

Looking for a splash of color? Add items like faux leaves and tiny fake pumpkins to the mix. You can even dip the pinecones into acrylic paint to liven them up. Alternatively, pinecones can also be spray painted before adding them to a bowl or vase. Don’t be afraid to experiment!

If you’d like to stick to natural hues, bring in elements like acorns and cinnamon sticks. Pinecones can also be used as the “dirt” of a vase of faux blooms. Simply fill a container halfway with pinecones. Insert fake flowers, ferns, or wheat stalks into the vase. The pinecones will keep everything in place while doubling as décor.

2. Wreath

A winter-looking pinecone wreath.

For a conventional décor piece, make a wreath entirely out of pinecones. Again, this requires little to no special skills or know-how. Start with a Styrofoam wreath form from your local craft store. Wrap it with ribbon or fabric of your choice. Finally, adhere pinecones to the entire form. It’s a quick and easy project that can be made in an afternoon.

To personalize this idea, try painting the pinecones. Again, acrylic and spray paint work perfectly. You can also add a chalkboard sign featuring a special message or quote. For that quintessential autumn vibe, bring in a fake owl. This project is best for creating a welcoming entrance to your home.

3. Decorative Mantle

Here’s another idea that's just as simple as filling vases with pinecones. If you have a mantle, take advantage of this space and decorate with natural garlands and pinecones. Simply drape the greenery on your mantle and scatter pinecones throughout the piece. Add small pumpkins and gourds for a cozy and warm fall look.

Natural garlands are available in many types of foliage. Use a pine garland for a display that can work well into the winter season. Fern is amazing for a whimsical feel, while ivy is appropriate for more classic styles. Twig garlands can easily be incorporated into any of these elements for a more natural touch.

Garlands should be able to lay effortlessly upon a mantle. If it needs extra security, use a few strips of clear tape in inconspicuous spots. You can also weigh down sections of the garlands with solid items like fake apples and clay pots. Vases and bowls can also be used to accent the garland while simultaneously keeping it in place.

4. Tabletop Terrariums

A terrarium with succulents and pinecones.

Over the past few years, terrariums have taken the décor world by storm. And while they are most known for displaying succulents, these charming installations can be made with different types of plant life. They can even feature various themes and color palettes to fit the current season.

Pinecones happen to be perfect for creating a fall-themed terrarium. Start with a hollow faux pumpkin, a glass vase, or an empty lantern. Add a layer of dirt or pebbles. Bring in a layer of moss and arrange pinecones, twigs, and acorns. It’s a beautiful way to liven up your home without a green thumb.