4 Ways to Display Shadow Boxes

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If you are looking for interesting ideas on ways to display shadow boxes, then read on. Shadow boxes are great for displaying mementos, trinkets, awards and medals for service members. They are also excellent ways of displaying mementos of friends or relatives that have departed or the burial flag of a fallen hero. Shadow boxes are designed to allow light in only at one angle, which helps to protect your treasures from being damaged by sunlight and keep them looking their best for many years.

1. Classic Wall Hanging

The most popular method for displaying shadow boxes is to simply hang them on the wall. Select a prominent place in a den, living room or study and hang them with common finishing nails. Choose wood or stain colors that match the decor in the room for a more appealing display. You can also create interesting wall themes - to honor a fallen solider or sailor for example - by grouping 3 or more shadow boxes on a wall.

You can choose a pyramid-type arrangement for displaying 3 shadow boxes, or use a classic 'X' design for 5 boxes. Either use the top box in a pyramid or the center shadow box in an 'X' design to show off the most important or treasured items. For example, if you use a 5 box 'X' configuration to honor a fallen hero, you may want to place the burial flag in the center as a symbol of honor and respect.

2. Create a Shadow Box Table

Using a large shadow box to display small toys or other knick knacks is always a great idea. However, have you ever considered creating a shadow box table to display them? They are simple to create and make great conversations pieces.

Choose a large shadow box with a thick and sturdy glass cover (you may have to have one made at a glass shop) and then attach legs and support brackets to easily create a table friends and neighbors will rave about. You may want to remove the shelves in the box as they can tend to obstruct the view of the contents when viewed from above. Really large shadow boxes can be converted into beautiful coffee tables, and smaller ones make excellent end pieces.

3. Mount Over a Fireplace

United States flag in a wall display box

Fireplaces are magnets for guests—especially when there is a cozy fire burning. So, why not place a shadow box display over the fire place mantle? If you want to draw attention to a collection of awards and ribbons, a coin display, or anything else of importance to you, there is no easier way than placing a shadow box just above the fire place. Guests will almost certainly ask or comment about displays on the mantle.

4. Other Mounting Ideas

If you have a large bookshelf or section of shelving that is prominently positioned in a room, consider this as a great display areas for shadow boxes. Shadow boxes can be displayed just about anywhere to where you want to draw attention. The way shadow boxes seem to highlight and protect contents inevitably draws the curious gaze of your guests or visitors. So, use your imagination when trying to come with ideas for displaying your shadow boxes