4 Ways to Maximize Bathroom Space with a Magazine Rack

A magazine rack can maximize your bathroom space if you think outside of the box. Storing your magazines on a rack is an option and could do wonders for organizing your space. However, there are other creative uses for a magazine rack that you should consider. Here are 4 ways to maximize space with a bathroom magazine rack:

1. Wall Mounted Magazine Racks

Maximizing floor space is important in a tiny bathroom. Wall mounted magazine racks or hanging magazine racks are great solution since you can keep the rack off the ground. These are easy to assemble and install, or build your own. A wall mounted magazine rack with the right finish makes a bathroom look elegant while providing a storage benefit. Some examples of finishes are pearl nickel or wood. Store your magazines and other reading materials, but also any bathroom item that will fit in it.

2. Over the Tank Magazine Rack

Use an over the tank magazine rack to maximize your bathroom floor space as well. You may not want to mount the rack on the wall. Instead, attach it to the lip of your toilet so the the basket hangs on one side of it. The racks are made of chrome and are resistant to rusting. The basket makes it possible to store other types of bathroom items along with your magazines.

3. Bathroom Organizer

Some magazine racks are one component of an overall bathroom organizer. Store toilet paper and other bathroom supplies along with your subscriptions. This storage solution is one way to maximize bathroom space, because everything is stored in one compact unit. They can fit between your toilet and bathroom cabinet or over the toilet tank. For example, the InterDesign Axis Magazine Rack and Toilet Tissue Stand features a dual tissue holder and a basket to hold your magazines. The chrome color unit measures 23.5 inches high x 12 inches wide x 4.75 inches deep, and requires no assembly. It's a major space saver, and adds a contemporary look to any bathroom.

4. Magazine Racks with Shelf Space

Some bathroom organizers include a magazine rack and shelves. This can maximize bathroom space because you can store items on the shelf and store your magazines underneath, in one place. The alternative is to have two or three other places for these items, which can be difficult especially when you don't have a bathroom cabinet or enough room to fit all your things. A freestanding 2-shelf bathroom cabinet with a magazine rack is a better option. Store hand towels, hair care products, make-up as well as your favorite reading materials. Place anything you don't mind being visible to guests and family members on the shelves and you'll maximize your bathroom space. A standard size model measures 6 inches wide x 16.5 inches deep x 24.25 inches high.

The primary way to maximize bathroom space is to find storage solutions that will work in the space you have. A magazine rack helps to store your reading materials, but organizers with built in magazine racks can solve multiple storage issues at once.