4 Ways to Prevent a Yellow Jacket Infestation

A yellow jacket.

Yellow jackets are pesky creatures that nest in and around homes. Some people are not bothered by yellow jackets but others are severely allergic. They buzz around and sometimes sting and attack people or animals when they are outside. They stick close to homes and just never seem like they will go away. Planning and following a proper system to prevent yellow jacket infestation will improve your success rate in keeping these pesky critters away from your home.

1. Remove the Nest

The first thing you will need to do is to check to see if there are any existing yellow jacket nests. If there are, you will need to remove them before you can start any preventative measures to make sure the yellow jackets stay away for good. You can purchase yellow jacket bait and apply it to and around the nest. Most yellow jackets like to nest underground or in and around walls. You will need to find their entrance and exits and push in some of the yellow jacket bait. After you do this, seal up their exits and entrances. This will cause them to die inside their nesting locations. Never do this during the daylight hours. Yellow jackets return to their homes in the evenings. After dusk has arrived, you can go in and apply the bait and sealing techniques.

2. Spray Exterior of Home

At least three or four times a year, you will want to spray the exterior of your home with a yellow jacket pest control spray. The pest control spray can be found at many local home improvement centers. If you call your local exterminator, they should also be able to give you product recommendations. Since yellow jackets love to nest in walls, check for any open spots where they can start a nest. Concentrate on spraying these locations thoroughly. Time your sprayings with the changes in seasons. This will help to prevent further nesting.

3. Plug Entrances

If you have noticed that yellow jackets like to nest in a specific area on your home’s exterior, provide a barrier at those locations and continue to spray the repellent. Do not attempt to do this until dusk and dawn. During this time of day, there will be less yellow jacket activity.

4. Keep a Watchful Eye

Keep a lookout around your home. You should make a survey part of your maintenance plan. This process involves more than just walking around the exterior of your home to spot nests in the brick, vinyl, or other exterior home material. You need to take a look at the activities in the trees and on the ground and under mulched beds. Yellow jackets, if they go unnoticed, will quickly infest your home and surrounding landscaping. It is usually a good idea to visually inspect your grounds every time you take out the lawnmower and trim the grass.