4 Ways to Use Laminate Plastic Sheets

Laminate plastic sheets come in a variety of sizes and shapes and have numerous uses around the house. Besides the obvious use for these sheets, there are several innovative ways you can utilize your excess laminate plastic sheets.

Self Adhesive Sheets

One type of laminate plastic sheet is a self-adhesive sheet that comes with an adhesive side covered in plastic. You pull the plastic away from the adhesive side of the sheet and then press the sheet against the item you wish to laminate.

Heat Pressed Laminate Sheets

Another type of laminate plastic sheets is a sheet that requires heat to create the laminate seal. These sheets do not have a sticky or adhesive surface. Instead, they require heat to seal one side of the laminate sheet to another side of the laminate sheet. You may use a laminating machine to create the heat or you could use a standard iron to create the required heat as well.

Use 1 - Protection

The most obvious way to use laminate plastic sheets is for protection of important items. You can laminate photos, id cards, business cards and important documents and papers. The laminate will prevent damage from aging, spills and the sun.

Use 2 - Homemade Crafts

Another way to utilize your laminate sheets it for homemade crafts. Some ideas would be to laminate pages inside a scrapbook. As well, you could laminate photos with the plastic sheets and create unique coasters or laminate coloring pages or large images and create decorative place mats for the kitchen table.

Use 3 - Preservation

You can use laminate sheets to preserve items that would otherwise not last. If you have flowers from a wedding or want to preserve a beautiful flower you picked, plastic laminate sheets can do this for you. You need to use the self-adhesive sheets for this type of project. The laminate will protect the flower from over drying and crumbling so the memory can be preserved.

Use 4 - Reusable Items

Since laminate is clear and can be written on with dry erase markers, you can create multiple reusable items for around the house.


Using laminate sheets, you can make a reusable calendar for your home or office. Print out one generic calendar grid and laminate it with laminate sheets. Then use dry erase markers to write in the calendar month and dates. Now you have a functional calendar that is reusable for every month and every year.

Chore Sheets

You can create a chore list for your children and update and change the list as you need. Simply create a list with your children's names and laminate. You can write in the duties with a dry erase marker and rewrite as much as needed.

Shopping Lists

You can also create shopping lists as well that are reusable. Simply print out the common items you regularly buy and place a check box next to each item. As you run out of an item, you can check the box so you have a complete list of what you need when it is time to go to the store.