4 Ways You Can Update Your Drapes

Updating your drapes can make it feel as if you've updated your entire room. There are many ways to make your drapes as good as new, and they're as easy as a trip to the craft store.

Tip 1:  Ribbon comes in so many sizes, colors, and designs that it leaves you with infinite possibilities for updating outdated or boring drapes. Try choosing a wide ribbon in a bright color or fun pattern and stitch it across the top or bottom of each panel. If you'd rather use more narrow ribbons, try using them in groups of three or four coordinating colors and patterns. You can also cut your ribbons to the same length as your curtains, and hang them from the top of the panel. Use this method in your child's bedroom for adorable, completely customized, drapes that the neighborhood kids will covet. 

Tip 2. Tassels can be hung from the corners of your drapes or in a row at the top, for an extra touch on a patterned panel. If your curtains are already patterned, adding too many touches can be busy and distracting. Placing a tassel on each of the bottom corners will accent your pattern without competing for attention. Tassels can add formality to casual drapes, making your entire room feel dressier. If you do attach tassels to your drapes, try using them as curtain ties also for added cohesion. 

Tip 3. Completely change the look of your drapes by simply covering them with a whole new fabric. You've seen fabric at the craft store that could be made into fabulous drapery. Instead of creating them from scratch, use the drapes that you already have as the base for that fabric you love. You only need to cover the side of the drapery panel that will face into your room, so purchase a sheet of fabric, cut it to size, and stitch it around the sides of the panel. Consider it "refacing" your drapes. Since the drapes will already be lined in the back, you've saved yourself an extra step in creating curtains from scratch. 

Tip 4. Transform your old drapes instead of retiring them and buying new ones. Don't waste them! Cut the bottom off of each panel and turn it into a shorter curtain, or even a valance for a kitchen window. You can even use old drapes to make a fabric shower curtain. If you don't need any more curtains, use the fabric for throw pillows or floor cushions that will match the room that the drapes once hung in. If you do choose to completely get rid of your old drapes, don't be afraid to buy new ones for an instant update. If it proves difficult to find drapes with proper lining, choose a curtain you like and add the lining. Buy a lining fabric and follow the steps in Tip 3 to stitch the lining onto the back of your curtain. 

Transforming your drapes can transform your room! Get creative or replace drapes for a whole new feel.