5 Advantages of Installing a Composite Slate Roof

A composite slate roof is one of the favorite choices for roofing for a number of reasons.  For each homeowner the reasons are different in importance, but the advantages are the same. Replacing roofing on a house is one of the fastest ways to increase the value of a home. This being said, choosing the right materials for the job can make a dramatic change in the appearance of the home.

Financial Savings

Choosing a composite slate roof is financially more cost effective than purchasing true slate roofing. Additionally, the installation process is less labor intensive than installing true slate and will cost less for the labor to install the materials. The materials are less breakable than true slate and therefore you will suffer less job site damage prior to installation, which might cost a pretty penny. These savings will put money back in your wallet that might have otherwise been lost.


One of the reasons many choose the composite slate roofing is that the products look very natural and can be purchased in a large variety of colors. This allow you to be able to match the style of the building without difficulty. This is great if you have a particular style you would like to continue through the home to the roof as well. After completing a slate roofing project, the whole look of the house is noticeably improved.


Typically, composite slate roof tiles are significantly lighter in weight than traditional shingles and true slate tiles. This, of course, means that there is less need for reinforcement, because the possibility of damage due to the weight of materials is almost non existent. The lighter weight materials also help with a simpler installation, as they do not require as many alterations to the current roofing structure to accommodate heavy products.


Like everything that you purchase and install in your home, a warranty for the product is optimal. Usually, warranties for standard rooftop shingles are anywhere from 15 years to 20 years. The standard warranty for composite slate shingles is between 30 years and 50 years. This is a dramatic difference and an excellent confirmation of the quality of the product being invested in. There is the additional comfort of knowing that the manufacturer backs up the products to great lengths.

Mold Protection

The damage done by mold is difficult and costly to overcome. This mold can make its way from the roof to the interior of the home, creating an unsafe environment for people to live in. Another one of the advantages to choosing a composite slate roof for your home is the ability to purchase products that have been formulated to work hard in resisting things such as algae and mold build up. This is added quality that is appreciated when you consider the cost of having mold removed from a roof if it becomes infested.