5 Advantages of Using a Bathtub Liner


A bathtub liner is a thin sheet of plastic or acrylic that is installed over an existing bathtub. It is molded according to the shape of the tub and glued into place. Bathtub liners come in a range of colors and styles, which means they can fit almost any décor. Liners are often preferred over bathtub refinishing or replacement because they provide several advantages, which are listed below.

Quick to Install

Having chosen the desired tub liner, the surface of the existing tub should be prepared by spraying denatured alcohol to remove any soap remains or oil residue. The fixtures should be replaced, and the new liner should be placed over the bathtub with an adhesive.

Finally, the tub should be given a day to dry, after which it can be used. The installation is usually completed within a day. Replacing a bath tub, on the other hand, is a time-consuming task because it requires you to remove the tub as well as the tiles around it before reinstalling them.

Relatively Inexpensive

Installing a bathtub liner is also an inexpensive project. Bathtub replacement can prove to be quite costly, installing a tub liner with the help of a professional will cost less than $2,000.


Bathtub liners last for years when the right material is used. Acrylic and PVC surfaces are generally durable in addition to being easy to clean and resistant to damage. In the absence of grout that needs to be cleaned or replaced, a bathtub liner is maintenance-free.

Zero Demolition

While replacing a bathtub comes with the hassle of removing and reinstalling the bathtub and tiles, installing a bathtub liner does not require any demolition. Depending on the new tub design, some plumbing work may also be required. A liner installation, on the other hand, means that there is no additional mess.


Given that tub relining is quite common these days, it is easy to find companies that will cater to your needs. Due to the presence of competition, you can easily find a wide range of colors and styles to suit the decor of your bathroom. Whichever company you choose will assist you in selecting the right tub liner and installing it.