5 Advantages of Using a Clay Chimney Liner

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  • 10 hours
  • 800-7,000

There are advantages to using a clay chimney liner as material for constructing fireplaces or heating stoves. Other kinds of substances that can be used for the same purpose include steel, metal, and cast-in-place liners. When choosing material to use as a chimney liner, it is important to make sure it is safe for burning fuel such as wood, coal, or pellets.

1. Impervious to Heat

Clay chimney liners allow fuel to burn in a continuous manner without letting heat pass to the surrounding areas. The amount of heat produced is retained in the burning chamber. This is an important quality of a chimney liner as it prevents heat from spreading to neighboring surfaces, which can be dangerous. Clay does not burn or ignite even when subjected to high temperatures.

2. Durability

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Clay has been found to last as a chimney liner up to 500 years. The most important thing is to have the material well fitted into the chamber and allow it to dry properly. Make sure all joints are finished correctly before using the fireplace. This allows the material to give you effective service while needing minimum maintenance jobs or services.

3. Non-corrosive

Clay as material for use in a chimney is safe and supports proper burning of different types of fuels such as wood, coal, or pellets. It does not corrode or rust even when exposed to moist or wet conditions. However, it is important to keep chimneys dry and clean at all times. This makes it possible for them to burn fuel effectively.

4. Little Maintenance

A well-fixed clay chimney can give quality service for up to half a decade. This type of material is very durable and suffers minimum amounts of damage even when subjected to unfavorable conditions. The fact that it needs few maintenance jobs means it can last for a long duration without the need for repairs or getting a new lining for the chimney.

5. Affordable

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Clay is commonly available and it is abundant in nature. This makes it inexpensive when using it as a chimney liner for fireplaces or ovens. Once it is properly fixed as lining material, then it requires very little maintenance. This makes it a cost effective chimney liner material. It is possible to use for many years without servicing the surface.

Tips for Using Clay Chimney Liner

Fix the material thoroughly in the heating oven or fireplace. Clay blocks should be correctly fixed so as to avoid having too much space between them. Opt for round chimneys when using clay material as a liner. It supports easy escape of smoke and allows efficient burning of fuel.

Clay chimney liners are very easy to maintain. This can be done by simply cleaning out ashes and gently brushing out dust, dirt, and any other kind of solid material found in the chamber.

Have the chimney regularly inspected.