5 Advantages of Using a Framing Nail Gun

Inside of a framed house
  • 1 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 50-500

A framing nail gun is one of many kinds of nail guns you can purchase to add to your arsenal of woodworking equipment. Using a framing nail gun comes with special options that make its purchase warranted above other nail guns you may come across during your window shopping.

1. Ease of Operation and Accuracy

When you use a hammer to complete a framing job you think it is going to be easy to use. The basic idea behind a hammer is easy enough but effectively using one is a whole other story. A hammer is very simple in that you only have to hold a nail in place and then strike the head of the nail.

However, even if you are fast at hammering nails you may miss the head and strike one of your fingers. The nail may also go crooked which means you have to pull it and start all over again. The nail could also bend when struck and you would have to remove that as well. The best solution is to use a framing nail gun. Striking the wood with the nozzle expels a nail. You can also pull the trigger to do the same thing. There are no bent or crooked nails to contend with.

2. Speed

nail gun and nails

If you are trying to accomplish a job on your own then a framing nail gun can allow you to get the job done quickly. If you have a team of workers you can cut down on man hours or have multiple jobs happening at the same time. The framing nail gun is so fast and accurate that you can cut your team in half (or more depending on the job).

3. Long-Lasting

This type of tool is built to last. It can withstand most anything from being left out in the rain to falling off of a roof to concrete. This durability makes buying a roofing nail gun not only a perfect idea, but also a smart one.

4. Multiple Styles

Using a nail gun for roofing

Just like any other tool, you can buy a nail gun in several varieties and styles which can easily fit your needs. One of the more popular models is very lightweight and holds many nails. This type of framing nail gun uses a drum loader where you can store several hundred nails instead of 30 or 60.

Other styles will feature different methods of firing nails such as bump firing, burst firing and single shot. Even the way that the nail gun is powered varies as does the price. The most popular nail guns use compressed air to operate while others use battery power or straight electricity. Regardless of which nail gun you purchase you will be able to use for any project that may arise.

5. Cost Effective

Using a framing nail gun will save you money as you will not be using extra manpower or wasting nails. The job will also be finished faster so you can take on multiple jobs.