5 Advantages of Using a Rawhide Mallet

A rawhide mallet on a white background.

It is a good idea to have a rawhide mallet. This hammer has a wooden handle, while the head is made of metal with a rawhide facing. The rawhide causes the hammer head to strike with a much lighter impact. Although it is not one of the more commonly used mallets, the rawhide hammer is extremely handy for certain applications. Below are 5 advantages of using a rawhide hammer.

1. Less Damage to Work Piece

Some jobs require the use of a hammer, yet impact must be regulated. The rawhide mallet is ideal when it is crucial that the workpiece surface be disrupted as little as possible. Regular hammers cause scratches and dents during the hammering impact. However, the rawhide type allows you to hammer with a controlled impact. It delivers firm, yet gentle blows to the workpiece. This helps to maintain the surface condition of the item as much as possible. If you intend to undertake some leather work, the mallet will help you easily carve out various patterns on leather. The rawhide hammer is useful in jewelry making and various electronic assembly jobs. It is also useful in delicate metal work where it is desirable to have minimal deformation of the metal sheets.

2. Lower Noise Levels

Jobs that require hammering generate a lot of noise. Rawhide mallets create less noise than regular mallets. A hammer with rawhide facing is convenient where the volume of noise needs to be kept low as you work. The rawhide facing also helps to keep the ears from being aggravated by loud impact.

3. Increased Safety

The risk of injury is significantly reduced with a rawhide mallet. Sometimes a slip or misalignment can cause the mallet to accidentally strike a body part. Should you hit one of your fingers by mistake, the impact will not be as hard as when naked metal strikes. Or if the mallet accidentally drops onto your foot, the impact is not as great as that caused by the ordinary mallet. The cushioned impact of the mallet assures you of increased safety as you work.

4. Versatile

The face of the hammerhead can be easily rotated based on need. This makes it easy to shift once it begins to wear out. You can reposition the facing so that you utilize the less worn out portion. Once the covering wears out completely, replacement is easy. Simply purchase a suitable facing from a hardware store. The rawhide hammer can also serve as an ordinary hammer. When a job requires more impact you can easily remove the rawhide face and use the steelhead underneath to get the job done. The multi-purpose aspect of the hammer adds to its efficiency.

5. Durable

The rawhide covering helps keep the hammerhead in good condition for longer. Metal hammerheads may get discolored over time due to rust and corrosion. It becomes necessary to apply protective coats periodically to improve the appearance. This adds to maintenance work and overall costs. However, the rawhide facing protects the metal head underneath from detrimental processes.