5 Advantages of Using a Right Angle Drill

Right angle drill with screwdriver bit
  • 1 hours
  • Beginner
  • 20-300

A right angle drill isn’t a tool you’ll find in most tool boxes, although many home handymen will sometimes wish they had one. It’s something generally used by people in different trades where people need something like this. A right angle drill is a tool with plenty of advantages and no real disadvantages.

1. Tight Spaces

A right angle drill is designed to access spaces a conventional drill can’t reach, those tight areas behind beams or joists you simply can’t get to otherwise.

For jobs like plumbing, or even some carpentry, this is invaluable, as it allows installation of pipes or other things where they can best fit. Electricians love them too, as they can drill through studs to run wire without having to hold the drill at an uncomfortable, unnatural angle.

This is the greatest advantage of the right angle drill, and the reason most people would buy one. When you absolutely have to drill in a space where a normal drill won’t reach, the right angle drill is the answer.

2. Torque

Most right angle drills have three-speed motors. That offers plenty of torque when you need it and also allows for slow drilling when necessary. This is better than you’ll find on low-end conventional drills and allows you to make full use of the drill.

It also means the motor will last longer. The differing speeds mean it’s less likely to burn out the motor from heavy use and the drill can be called on to drill through heavy wood at times.

3. Versatility

Some right angle drills allow the removal of the drive head and for the chuck to be used as a conventional drill. That makes it an ideal, versatile replacement for your normal drill. It costs more, but it’s far more useful.

Others work purely as right angle drills, so their use is more limited. Even so, when it’s needed it can be vital. There’s little doubt that replacing an old drill with one that will work both conventionally and as a right angle drill offers much more choice.

4. Extensions

right angle drill

With extensions to the drill bit, a right angle drill can reach some very tight places. Although it’s possible to use extensions with a conventional drill, too, a right angle drill allows you to drill virtually anywhere in the house.

Extensions can run up to 30 inches. In the tight corners of an attic that can make a huge difference. By opening up the house that way it allows you to complete projects without having to make compromises or adjustments.

5. Comfort

The side handle on a right angle drill gives a great deal more control when using, and some also offer a grip and trigger that will twist, increasing the possibilities when using the right angle drill.

Given the need to access difficult places, the design of the handles makes using the drill much more comfortable. Unlike conventional drills, the right angle drill is held with both hands to spread the weight in those tight places.