5 Advantages of Using an Adjustable Hole Saw

circle saw cutting a hole in a door for a lock

A hole saw is used by builders in order to make a hole in thin materials, but an adjustable hole saw will allow multiple sizes of holes to be made with the same machine. Before the existence of an adjustable hole saw, you would need to use a hole drill bit for each size of hole that you want to make. There are several key advantages to using an adjustable hole saw, such as the following five.

1. Portability

Carrying one drill is not that big of a deal until you have to carry a drill along with a dozen or so drill bits, including hole saw bits. An adjustable hole is contained in one unit that is easily carried with the rest of your tools. The adjustable hole saw is not as compact as other drills, but it is more versatile, as there are no more bits to add with the standard drills.

2. Multiple Uses

A hole saw is used to create holes in relatively thin material like plywood. These holes are created for wires, duct work, pipes and door knobs. Hole saw drill bits come in one size, which are attached to a powerful drill. You will need one hole saw drill bit for each size hole you plan to make. The adjustable hole saw has several settings to choose from that allows you to set the circumference of the hole being drilled.

3. No Drill Needed

A drill is used to create pilot holes for screws among various other uses. Companies make drill bits that you can install on the tip of the drill. These drill bits allow you to create various sizes of holes. There other types of drill bits that turn the drill into other things like a screwdriver, ratchet, mixer or a hole saw.

The problem with a hole saw drill bit is that you need a drill with torque sufficient enough to create the hole you intend to make. Insufficient torque means you could burn out the drill, break teeth on the hole saw bit, or damage the material. An adjustable hole saw is a tool that is self-contained. This means that it is a tool that has multiple sizes and enough torque to use it for any job with no extra drill required.

4. Ease of Use

As you make a hole with the adjustable hole saw, a pilot hole is also created. The pilot hole creates stability when you are sawing the hole. This prevents the hole saw from wobbling and ruining the hole you were trying to create. Another advantage of the pilot hole is waste. With some hole saws, the disc created from the sawing process would fall inside the wall. The pilot hole allows the disc to easily be removed.

5. Wire Access

When work is being done inside the home, there will come a time when access to wires will be necessary. An adjustable hole saw can create a small hole to be used for access. Once the work is done, the hole can be replaced.