5 Advantages of Using an Impact Screwdriver

The impact screwdriver is a must-have tool for the hands-on homeowner. It yields a powerful rotational movement as it works its way downwards and into a work piece. The driver can also be used to loosen screws that need to be removed. Perhaps you’re wondering what benefits the impact screwdriver has over other screwdrivers on the market. Below are 5 advantages you can count on when using the impact type driver.

1. Higher Versatility

Unlike the ordinary screwdriver, the impact version allows you to drill into all sorts of materials. You also enjoy the freedom of using various types of screws for your projects. The ability to drive in and loosening screws makes the impact driver a multi-purpose tool that assures a better work outcome.

2. Increased Efficiency

The impact driver has a high-power output due to the high torque level. The driver also incorporates a unique hammering action. The screwdriver functions by integrating the rotational action with the powerful hammering action. These two actions are set in such a way that perfect synchrony is achieved while you work. The rotational action has to get to a certain point before the hammering action sets in. The increased driving power enables you to work with more freedom. The impact screwdriver is extremely helpful when undertake heavy work or are working with hard materials. Many drill drivers have a tendency to break the screw heads during the driving in process. However, the impact screwdriver sets in screws right to the flush point without causing any lose of shape to the screws heads. This helps you attain a beautiful finish.

3. Less Fatigue

The structural composition of the impact screwdriver contributes to greater ease as you work. The drill bit and motor aren’t directly connected, hence you’ll not experience the high-level torque as you work. You also do not have to exert as much force when driving screws into a work piece due to the high rotational force available. This subjects you to less fatigue. You’re also less likely to suffer muscle strains during work.

4. Convenience

The combined driver and hammer facilities of the impact driver allow you to have one hand free as you work. This is helpful when you need to hold a work piece in place. It also keeps you from straining too much as would occur when you have to engage both hands in an activity continuously. Should hammering action be required you need not take up a hammer with your free hand. Some less efficient screwdrivers would call for a hammer. The impact driver gives you more control over the work piece.

5. Integrated Light

Most models of the impact screwdriver incorporate a light in the tool that shoots a beam forward, allowing you to work accurately in areas of poor lighting.