5 Advantages to Using a Solar Chimney

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A solar chimney gives homeowners a natural way of improving ventilation in the house. It is also referred to as a thermal chimney or solar tower. The chimney consists of a vertical shaft usually painted black to enable greater absorption of solar energy. During the day, the chimney and enclosed air are heated by solar energy. This creates an updraft in the chimney. The suction created at the bottom of the chimney is useful for ventilating the house. Below are five advantages of using a solar chimney.

1. Energy Efficient

Thermal chimneys are a useful energy conservation feature in a building. If you’re looking to enhance energy efficiency in your home, why not install a thermal chimney? During the hot summer months, the chimney operates as an effective heat lowering device. It is a resourceful way of utilizing the freely available solar energy for domestic needs. This reduces dependency on air conditioning devices indoors. It also reduces the consumption of electricity or gas utilized in household ventilation.

2. Cost-Effective

Solar chimneys help cut down on utility bills in the home. Ventilation costs can run into hundreds of dollars especially during the summer when temperatures soar. Solar chimneys are a cost-effective alternative to conventional air conditioning units. The chimney can be constructed at a modest cost using simple materials. Since it doesn’t require oil, gas, or electricity to function, this helps keep operational costs low. Yet it is a useful feature that adds to home value.

3. Reliable

Thermal chimneys are not prone to frequent breakdowns. They don’t require electricity or other combustible fuels, which eliminates concerns over energy supply. Also, you are spared from the frustrations that come with voltage fluctuations or power outages. Once installed, the chimney pretty much works independently. You needn’t trouble yourself with switching on and off or adjusting settings. It is a stand-alone feature that operates with no manual involvement. All that is required is solar energy, which is abundantly available.

4. Low Maintenance

When it comes to energy utilization in the home, solar towers are a clean feature. Since they don’t use any of the regular fuels, it is easier to keep them clean. The build-up of smoke, soot, dirt, or grime is far less with solar towers due to their reliance on solar energy. They also have low maintenance needs. Simple materials and technology are used to construct the chimney which enables easier maintenance.

5. Environmentally Friendly

In these days of increased environmental concerns, household features that promote green living are welcome. Thermal chimneys don’t utilize conventional energy for household heating or cooling, which makes them a suitable green alternative. Less reliance on oil, gas, or electricity is vital in enabling sustainable resource management. You’ll experience reduced environmental pollution with a solar chimney. Carbon dioxide emissions are minimal which helps control environmental pollution. Noise pollution is significantly reduced with the use of thermal chimneys.