5 Advantages to Using Metal for Your Outdoor Shower Enclosure

An outdoor shower enclosure is ideal for enclosing an outdoor shower, particularly if it happens to be in an area where people often walk by. Apart from increasing the privacy of an outdoor shower, outdoor shower enclosures can be used to accentuate any backyard or pool area as they are available in various types and designs.

Outdoor shower enclosures provide both privacy and protection. Moreover, they form an integral part of outdoor shower system. These enclosures are made of various materials, such as acrylic, fiber glass, glass, stone, tile, and metal, and can be either fixed or portable. Fixed installations are more suited for year-round use and hot climates, whereas portable ones work better if you intend to use it only for camping and hiking and if you live in a cold climate. With regard to material choice, most people prefer to pick one that best suits the architecture of their home. While personal taste and home décor plays a vital role in choosing what type of shower enclosure to install, metal shower enclosures have become increasingly popular. They are made from either stainless steel or copper and are available at affordable prices. Here are the five advantages of using metal for your outdoor shower enclosure.

1. Durability

Metal shower enclosures are extremely durable and are designed to withstand all kinds of weather and temperature. While other shower enclosures are also durable; the durability of a metal enclosure is comparable to a glass block shower enclosure. However, the latter is far more expensive and requires professional installation.

2. Mildew-proof

Metal shower enclosures are antibacterial and mildew proof. While fiber glass, glass, and acrylic enclosures are easy to clean, they are not entirely mildew proof, particularly if they are framed. Further, although solid surface shower enclosures such as those made from natural materials and acrylic polymers are mildew-proof, they fade and stain easily. Tile shower enclosures harbor a lot of mold, bacteria, and mildew and require regular maintenance. Thus, in this regard, metal shower enclosures score above the rest simply because they are anti-bacterial and mildew proof.

3. Stain Resistant

Again, apart from glass black shower enclosures, which as mentioned earlier are very expensive, none of the other types of shower enclosures are stain resistant, albeit they are very easy to clean. Regardless, metal shower enclosures are not only easy to clean but also stain resistant. In fact, some of the metal enclosures available in the market today are actually fingerprint-proof. Metal shower enclosures are also non-corrosive.

4. Made to Order

Metal shower enclosures are made from stainless steel or copper plates; this means that they can be made to order. Perhaps, the biggest advantage of installing a metal shower enclosure is that you can get one made to suit your size and design needs. Stainless steel and copper shower enclosures can be anywhere from 5 to 3 feet wide, respectively.

5. Sound-proof

Lastly, some of the more advanced models of metal shower enclosures come with sound attenuation materials or sound suppressants. These ensure that the sound does not travel outside the showering area and that it does not reverberate inside.