5 Applications for Stainless Steel Nails

Stainless steel nails are durable and inexpensive, making them ideal for many different jobs. This handy guide will tell you the type of stainless steel nails that are suitable for different uses. 

Use 1 - Cladding

Use stainless steel annular ring nails for cladding jobs. The texture of the nail is perfect for felts and soft wood shingles. 

Use 2 - Roofing

Annular ring nails are also good for roofing houses, sheds and garages. You may also wish to use steel ridge nails that come with a plastic washer on the head. This washer is waterproof and will provide a tight seal. 

Use 3 - Decking

Stainless steel lost head nails are are suited especially to installing decking. The design of the head of your nail won't obtrude above the decking and is small enough to go unnoticed. They are also weather proof so you won't need to worry about them rusting. 

Use 4 - Cabinets

Panel pins are perfect for using when making kitchen or household cabinets. They won't damage any soft woods such as pine and are equally good for oak. 

Use 5 - Carpets and Underlay

Stainless steel asphalt nails are smaller than ordinary nails and designed with flat heads, good for securing carpets, underlay and asphalt.