4 Color Ideas For the Kids' Bathroom

kid playing with paint

When exploring paint color, the most fabulous place in the house for fun ideas is often a kids' bathroom. If you're afraid to experiment with color in your own home but you love your neighbor's red dining room, a kids' bathroom can be the perfect place to grab a color wheel and get painting.

The first thing to consider before you prep the walls is whether or not the kids' bathroom serves as a guest bathroom. Some adults may not enjoy the whimsy of children's décor, so let that guide you.

If it's going to be solely a kids' bathroom, you have room to play. Keep reading to get trim and accent color recommendations based on the main color, as well as decorating themes you can use to enhance each color scheme.

Wall Color: White or Off White, Trim Color: Any

Black and white are a classic combination. For girls, try a vintage powder room in black, cream, and soft pink. Think powder puffs, antique dressing tables, and high heels.

With black and white you can also accent with bright primary colors such as red, blue, and yellow. It makes it perfect for a race car, construction or railroad theme. Think road signs, automobiles, stop lights and caution cones.

White walls with navy blue trim are great for a cute rubber ducky theme. Bars of white bubbly soap, classic 50's faucet handles in white and silver, and happy yellow ducks are perfect additions.

White walls with navy blue trim are also suitable for a nautical theme. Add red accents to make it fun and consider lighthouses, anchors, sailboats, and life preservers as decorations.

Wall Color: Caribbean Blue, Trim Color: Spring Green or White

A bright Caribbean blue is great because it is gender neutral. When using the spring green trim, try a pond theme full of frogs, lily pads, and dragon flies.

Blue walls with white trim are perfect for a funky beach theme complete with flip flops, hibiscus, and surf boards in bright pinks, greens, turquoises and purples. It can also be appropriate for a gender neutral ocean theme complete with fish, dolphins, and sea horses.

Wall Color: Sage Green, Trim Color: Hunter Green, Brown, White, or Deep Red

Sage green walls with a hunter green trim can be used several ways. You can do a camping, fishing, wilderness, or bear theme for the child who loves the outdoors. Don't be afraid with any of these color combos to use a darker or lighter shade of the wall color for trim; it will only add dimension. If you want more color variation for these themes, brown and white will compliment the dark green.

Sage green walls with deep red trim are perfect for your little ladybug. Add black polka dots and of course lots of ladybugs.

Wall Color: Sand, Trim Color: Navy Blue, Brown, Cranberry, Hunter Green, Lavender, or Pink

Sand colored walls provide the perfect neutral backdrop for a rainbow of trim colors and a variety of themes. Dark colored trim such as navy blue or deep red is versatile and can be used for either sports or western themes. Use cowboy hats, rope, horses, and cactus for a Western theme.

A sand wall color with lavender or pink trim is perfect for a floral theme filled with pastel colored flowers. Whatever colors you choose, have fun with this project and don't be afraid to experiment. Remember, it's inexpensive and it's just paint.