5 Benefits for Building a Breezeway

Essentially an outdoor hallway, a breezeway is a design feature that serves a number of purposes. It allows wind to pass between adjacent structures, acting like a bypass valve for gusts. A breezeway creates space for storage, and it also breaks up the layout of a home/garage combination. In apartment and townhouse structures, a breezeway often is the place where communal garbage or recycling areas are located. For homeowners, a breezeway can do all of this and more. Depending on its width, a breezeway can be put to good use, making it a beneficial accessory for your home.

Benefits of a Breezeway

A breezeway does more than simply provide a passageway between a home and garage or a garage and extra building, although that is a very convenient feature. A breezeway links the backyard with the driveway or frontal area without making you go along the side of the home. Beyond that, there are some other benefits to having a breezeway. Consider the benefits below.

1. Storage Space

Providing additional storage space, a breezeway is a great place to keep garden and lawn tools. The outsides of two structures are at your disposal to install hanging racks for larger garden tools or shelves for smaller ones. If there is enough width, a lawn mower fits nicely in the outdoor hallway as well. Because it is out of the rain, extra bags of fertilizer, building materials or firewood may be kept there as well.

2. Decorative Feature

Another reason to construct a breezeway is to add an aesthetic element to your home. Breezeways may be paved with brick or stone, can incorporate attractive pillars or support columns and can provide a space for outdoor skylights to lighten up the area.

3. Substitute Mudroom

If your home has no mudroom but you have need for one, you can use the breezeway to that end. It becomes a place where dirty shoes may be left so nothing gets tracked into the home. Outdoor coats and other clothing may be hung on breezeway rack as well.

4. Good Hot Tub Location

A hot tub is a great fixture in any home. If you have a breezeway located in the right spot around your home, installing a hot tub within it keeps it out of the rain and in a place where warm breezes flow through during the summer months. Of course, you need the right amount of space in order to install a hot tub in a breezeway, and it should not be visible from the street. If the breezeway around your home meets the criteria, a hot tub located within it is a possibility.

5. Creates Supplemental Porch

With screens attached to either end, a breezeway can be used as a nice relaxation spot for hot summer days and nights. Again, this will largely depend upon its shape and location, but if you have space available to span a roof between your home and a garage, creating a wide open outdoor area creates a very breezy area that is protected from weather and bugs.

If you have the room to build a breezeway, consider some of these reasons to do so. A breezeway basically gives you an additional room to work with in and around your home, so there is almost no downside to it.