5 Benefits of a Dual Fuel Heat Pump

Heat pump unit outside a building

Homeowners are increasingly opting for a dual fuel heat pump. This consists of an electric heat pump and gas furnace combined to form one heating unit. The system relies on the availability of both electricity and natural gas to function.

Dual fuel pumps are ideal where temperatures may drop below freezing in winter. Freezing temperatures tend to push down the performance of an electrical system. It also uses more electricity for heating. A gas furnace therefore comes in handy as a backup system. This is where a dual fuel heating system comes in handy. Below are five benefits of a dual fuel system.

1. Efficiency

Both electric and gas fueled heating systems have their individual disadvantages. However, a dual system combines the best of both systems. This gives you a top-performing two-in-one heating and cooling system. You are spared from the shortfalls of either system because where the electric pump begins to drop in performance, the gas furnace takes over. You will be spared the fluctuations or inadequacies otherwise predictable if only one system is in use. Your home will be sufficiently warmed and cooled as desired.

2. Comfort


A dual fuel system is convenient and comfortable to use. The air compressor is placed outside the house which helps keep noise levels at a minimum. Electricity is utilized for most of the time. No pollution is associated with electricity usage. It is a clean system to use for home heating and air conditioning needs.

3. Versatility

Dual fuel systems give you the benefits of both an electric system and gas furnace. Where temperatures tend to be above freezing, an electric heat pump is best. However, in some cases, temperatures will drop below freezing.

A gas furnace works best to deliver heating in extremely cold weather. The pump is set up such that it will automatically switch to either mode as need be. Efficiency is maintained at an optimal level constantly. With a dual fuel system, you are assured of year-round comfort.

4. Cost-Effectiveness

Stack of cash and coins

Initial purchase cost of a dual fuel system may be high. This is because, essentially, you are purchasing two systems in one. However, the efficiency of the system makes it a worthwhile investment. The system uses the electric heat pump for a greater duration.

his helps to keep costs manageable given that gas is more costly. Energy utilization is economical which saves you on energy costs over the long run. A dual fuel system spares you from having to install two systems separately. You are also likely to save when it comes to maintenance. It is more costly to have two separate systems serviced individually. A dual fuel heating system also adds to the value of your home.

5. Environmentally Friendliness

Dual fuel heat pumps are an efficient set-up. This supports an economical utilization of energy. Electricity is utilized for the greater portion of time, about 85 percent. Gas is used for the remaining 15 percent duration. A dual system therefore helps in sustainable energy utilization. It is an environmentally friendly system to install in your home.