5 Benefits of a Root Feeder

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A root feeder is a simple apparatus that injects nutrients directly to the area that the plants need it most – around the roots.

Benefit 1 - Feed the Plants Only

A major benefit of a root feeder is that the feed is sent directly to the roots of the plant for which it was intended. Other plants and weeds can’t weaken the solution before the target plant receives it.

Benefit 2 - Smaller Quantities

Directly addressing the target plant means that less of the mixture is needed. There is no need to saturate an area to make sure the target plant gets fed.

Benefit 3 - Less Time Consuming

The plant feed is directed to a very small and well defined area. It is not necessary to spend time covering a wide surface area.

Benefit 4 - Less Wasteful

Since the mixture is injected underground there is no loss from evaporation and no wasteful run off.

Benefit 5 - Environmentally Friendly

Root feeding keeps fertilizers away from pets and wild animals. Reduced quantities mean less likelihood of contaminating the local water supply.