5 Benefits of Aluminum Gas Welding

Aluminum gas welding has become more commonplace in recent years and it’s easy to understand why when it offers so many advantages over traditional metal welding. It’s the ideal way to join pieces of aluminum together and welds will stay in place for long periods of time.

1. Easy to Use

Where traditional welding remains something of an art, aluminum gas welding is actually quite easy to learn. Like anything else, there’s a learning curve involved as well as some trial and error. However, with an introductory lesson and a little practice, it’s a skill that anyone can master.

Given that aluminum is very common in houses and businesses these days, it’s also a useful skill for anyone who carries out work on their home or premises and allows them to perform a wider range of jobs. This can save money by not having to hire a professional. If you have the ability to solder, you can easily learn aluminum gas welding.

2. Cheap

MIG aluminum gas welders are cheap to buy or they can be rented if you’re not going to use one regularly. Unlike most welding equipment, investment costs just a few hundred dollars to get up and running. This means you can buy a cheap rig and keep it on hand for whenever you need it and you’ll probably do more welding than you otherwise would. The materials involved are relatively cheap, too.

3. Portability

Welding shops used to be very specialized places but aluminum gas welding has opened the market up considerably and these days, you can weld virtually anywhere. This makes performing jobs on site a great deal easier and the need for less equipment only adds to the versatility.

It also makes welding at home a viable option. You will need specialist materials, such as inert gas, for aluminum welding but this can be purchased quite easily. You can perform aluminum gas welding in the garage without too many difficulties but if you are working outside, you need operate in an area that’s shielded so foreign materials can’t enter the weld.

4. Versatility

The methods use in aluminum gas welding means work can be completed faster for a wider variety of jobs. This makes tasks like venting a much simpler job. Not having to fabricate beforehand also means that any last minute adjustments can be accommodated into the welding so an inaccurate measurement doesn’t necessarily mean the job is ruined.

5. Reliability

Unlike spot welding, which relies on several spots being forged into the metal, a continuous seam will hold better and longer which makes aluminum gas welding a much more reliable option. It can take a little while to make a good seam but once you have the technique mastered, you’ll find that your welds will last sturdily for years. That can also mean less work later on and fewer ongoing repairs.

All of these things together make aluminum gas welding an excellent technique for everyone. Taking welding out of the hands of professionals has opened up the process completely and made it a skill for the home, not just the workshop.