5 Benefits of Installing an Extractor Fan

Man removing screen from over-the-range extractor fan

An extractor fan is useful for many purposes. They can be installed in any room that has a problem with humidity, gasses, or smoke. They are usually easy to fit into a pre-drilled hole in the wall, and some models can be fitted into a window pane.

1. Humidity Control

The main room where extractor fans are installed is the bathroom and laundry. Many people struggle with mold and mildew caused by steam and constant humidity. There are many products that can temporarily remove mold and mildew, but it will still continue to grow and breed if you don't take care of the base cause.

A small exhaust fan mounted in the ceiling or high on a wall will pull the moist air out of the room and leave the air too dry for mold spores to grow. Installing one of these fans is easy for a homeowner, or you can hire a handyman to do it for you. There are even extractor fans mounted in bathroom light fixtures, which is a great way to hide the fan and enjoy the benefit of extra lighting.

A damp cellar can also be helped with an extractor fan, vented out through the wall.

2. Controlling Steam, Fumes and Odors

A stove hood extractor fan removes the steam, odors, and smoke resulting from cooking. These fans help limit smoke damage to walls and ceilings directly above a stove top. Mounted over the stove, these hoods can be vented or ventless.

By removing smoke and steam from cooking, they also remove the grease that rises in the steam, eliminating the need to wash your walls around the cooking area as often.

3. Gas and Smoke Removal

ceiling extractor fan

Some areas that accumulate harmful airborne pollutants benefit highly from having an extractor fan installed. These can include basements where old gas appliances are used, and living areas where people who smoke gather. Extractor fans can also be useful in garages and workshops where dust producing equipment is used.

4. Heat Removal

In hot climates, an extractor fan can have a second use as a heat removal tool. Usually heat rises and pools around the ceiling, so a fan can pull that heat into the roof space, creating a continual flow of cooler air into the room.

5. Maintaining Wall and Fabric Health

This is most important in areas where people smoke. The tars in smoke slowly build up and a thin layer develops on walls, windows, and furniture. Extracting the smoke stops this process and keeps your furniture and walls clean for much longer. You only have to wash the windows in a typical smoker's home to see the effects of cigarette tar build-up and how an extractor fan could help.

When installing an extractor fan in the ceiling, be careful of the insulation and don't cover the box with insulation when you're finished. Most ceiling fans will vent into the roof space, but some will require ducting to the outside. You will have to choose which will do the job you require, and think about the ease of installation.