5 Benefits of Racing Air Filters

Air Filters held in gloved hands

There are many benefits that you can derive from using a racing air filter in your car. Most drivers who use this type of air filter have reported some positive things as compared to other types. Here are 5 of these benefits.

Benefit 1 - Extra Engine Power

Your engine will get from 5 to 10% more power when you use a racing air filter. You will experience this immediately after installation. Ordinary air filters give some restrictions in the intake of air, but racing air filter reduce such restrictions greatly. If more air gets into your engine freely, your engine is able to perform better because it needs air to burn fuel. There are some types of racing air filters that draw air from places far from the engine. This type of air is called “cold air”. Cold air is denser and so adds more horsepower to engine performance

Benefit 2 - Easy Installation

It is easy to install most of the air intake systems available and you can do it yourself within a day. There are, however, some systems that are quite complex, leading to changes in the path of airflow. Your mechanic will be able to do this for you if you don’t want to try it. But if you have the right tools and are able to follow the instructions you should be able to install even these types without calling on your mechanic.

Benefit 3 - You Can Reverse the Installation

If at a point in time you want to return the car to its original state, you can easily replace the racing air filter with the original one. This could be the case if you want to sell the car, but would not like to part with your racing air filter. Or, perhaps you don’t like the effects of the new air intake system. You can switch back easily to your normal one provided you still have it or can afford a new one. This is a great advantage with the racing air filter.

Benefit 4 - Improved Fuel Economy

The racing air filter will increase your gas mileage. This might sound ironical, but when more air is taken into your engine, the amount of fuel that you use per mile is reduced significantly. You should not be expecting a high percentage cut in your fuel costs, but you will certainly see a reduction in your fuel consumption. You will go a few more miles before you refill your tank.

Benefit 5 - You Will Enjoy the Luxury

You might not consider this a major factor, but there is a certain amount of "cool" having your car fitted with racing-type equipment. You will like the sound of your engine when you start it with your racing air filter in place. There are baffles in these intake systems that work on the noise from your engine. You will not hear the loud noise that comes from your engine anymore.