5 Benefits Of Using Natural Gas Generators

Natural gas generators are fueled by natural gas to produce electricity for the household, commercial and industrial needs. They have proved to be a useful backup device for electricity provision when regular supply fails.

Given the many advantages of using natural gas as a domestic fuel, more homeowners are opting for natural gas gensets over oil, gasoline or diesel fueled generators. If you need to install a new generator or want a change from your existing one, why not opt for a gas fueled generator? Below are 5 benefits of natural gas gensets.

1. Dependable

Natural gas is one of the most energy efficient fuels available. It has consistently proved to be reliable for various domestic uses. You can always count on the availability of natural gas through the supply pipeline. You do not have to schedule deliveries for gas supply. Some other fuels can cause you disappointment from time to time. If using oil, it must be stored in a tank on site. Oil shortages occur from time to time but natural gas is always available. An abundant supply exists which is not susceptible to international events unlike oil.

2. Clean

Compared to coal, gasoline, diesel and oil, natural gas is the cleanest burning fossil fuel available. Some fuels are associated with significant environmental pollution. Coal, for instance, is the cheapest fossil fuel available. However, it is also the dirtiest. You’ll experience no pungent odor with a gas generator. Natural gas gensets also do not produce soot or ash unlike coal or oil fueled generators.

3. Cost Effective

Gas generators are relatively inexpensive to purchase and maintain. Compared to oil or diesel, natural gas is a cheaper fuel. This makes running costs easier to meet as well. Natural gas gensets make a cost-effective generator choice in the long run.

4. Safety

Fewer risks to health are associated with natural gas gensets. Natural gas is non-toxic when inhaled in small amounts. It is not harmful to humans or animals. Besides, fewer gas emissions occur with gas fueled generators than those fueled by oil, coal or diesel. Gas fueled generators also do not produce soot or ash. Sufficient safety measures are usually effected where natural gas is used. When installed, the supplier adds an odorant to the gas. When any leakage occurs it is detected immediately by the odorant. Corrective measures can then be taken.

5. Eco-Friendly

Greenhouse gas emission of carbon dioxide is minimal with a natural gas generator. Emissions of nitrogen and sulfur are also lower with a gas fueled generator. Oil and coal fueled generators release ash particles into the environment which causes pollution. Natural gas generators do not. It causes far less environmental pollution than some other generators on the market. There’s no need for an underground storage tank with natural gas as is the case for oil fueled generators. Hence, oil spills and soil contamination are unlikely. Natural gas is also a reliable energy source. This makes a gas fueled generator an ideal choice where environmental concerns factor.